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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Perfect cursor control

In Something on the Side, SEAN BACHER introduces the Apple Magic Mouse, the Polar Loop fitness band, Seagate 6TB V4 hard drive and Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones.

Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse connects to an Apple computer via Bluetooth, but without the need for a USB dongle. It offers a left and a right click option but there are no physical buttons: instead, it operates via touch. In fact, the entire top part of the mouse is touch-enabled, letting users scroll by simply swiping a finger across or down the mouse. The Apple Magic Mouse also uses gesture control, meaning that users can double-tap to launch Mission Control on a Mac or swipe two fingers left or right to switch between active desktops.

Expect to pay: R1100


Polar Loop fitness band

The Polar Loop is a fitness band that, at first sight, looks like the Nike FuelBand. It uses a similar LED array to display time, steps taken, calories burnt and distance walked. However, the Loop comes with a heart-rate monitor, allowing users to get a really accurate idea of how hard they are working. The Loop attaches to your wrist via a clasp and rubber band, but the rubber band has to be cut to fit, meaning it can’t be passed on when you are bored with it.

Expect to pay: R1 400


Seagate 6TB V4 hard drive

The Seagate 6TB V4 hard drive will fit in most computers with a 3.5″ drive bay. According to Seagate, the drive offers a 25% performance increase over similar drives, making it a great option for large amounts of data that needs to be accessible 24/7. The Seagate 6TB V4 uses self-encryption technology, meaning that additional software does not need to be installed to keep data secure. It also offers an Instant Secure Erase feature, so that it can be erased quickly when installing it in another computer.

Expect to pay: R8 100

Stockists: Contract Rectron on 011 203 1000 for a dealer in your area.

Dr. Dre Beats Studio

The Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones are lighter, stronger and more comfortable than their predecessors. They feature adaptive noise cancelation, cutting out all noise when playing music. They now use a longer lasting rechargeable battery, which will give up to 20 hours of continuous play. The headphones can be used with MP3 players, computers and cellphones. When connected to a cellphone, the Remote Talk feature pauses a song when a call comes through.

Expect to pay: R4 000

Stockists: Music and electronics stores across South Africa.

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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