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AppDate: Seal the deal with these Valentine’s Day apps

In this Valentine’s AppDate special, SEAN BACHER highlights Tickle, Vivid-Pix Restore, Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, iHeartRadio and the Kamasutra app.


Going on a blind date is stressful enough, but realising that your date is nothing like his or her social networking profile makes things even worse. In the past, the tried and tested method was to have a friend or wingman phoning you at a set time, giving you the option to get out of dodge with a “house on fire” or “great aunt is sick” excuse. But, now there is an app for you. Tickle uses a phone’s accelerometer to get you out of sticky situation by generating a phantom call when you touch your phone.

Not only is Tickle a useful app to get you out of an awkward Valentine’s Day date, but it can be used to get out of work meetings too – just remember the lie you conjure up.

Platform: iOS, but there is a waiting list, which you can join here. Hundreds of other apps are available that do more or less the same thing.

Expect to pay: No pricing has been released yet, but it’s free to use while in beta.

Stockists: Visit Tickle here for more information

Visit the next page to read about an app to restore photos, the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, iHeartRadio, and a Kamasutra app.

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