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AppDate: Pin for emergency response

In his latest AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights Tracker CareGuard, Swatch X You, Sanedi’s energy calculating app, ayoba’s app enhancements and the AlphaCode Incubate programme winners.

Tracker CareGuard

Tracker’s CareGuard offers mobile emergency response anywhere in South Africa and at any time. The service enables subscribers to request armed response assistance by dropping a location pin in WhatsApp.

Traditionally, security and tracking companies have made use of separate devices or apps to assist customers in emergency situations. However, it is possible that a device or app is misplaced or forgotten and therefore not easily accessible when the need arises.

Now Tracker CareGuard subscribers can use technology that many use frequently — WhatsApp — to be connected to a nationwide response network of over 1,500 armed responders. On receiving a location pin, the WhatsApp bot automatically sends an emergency request to surrounding security responders. The closest responder is activated and navigated directly to the site of the emergency through pinpoint geo-location.

The responder receives an instant profile of the subscriber with their identity and other relevant information via an in-vehicle responder device, ensuring that they can identify the subscriber immediately. The subscriber, in turn, receives information enabling them to track and identify the responder.

South Africans can test the service by saving 0861 222 781 as a WhatsApp contact on their mobile device and typing ‘Hi’ in the chat to initiate a demo.

Platform: Any device running WhatsApp

Stockists: Save 0861 222 781 and send a WhatsApp saying ‘Hi’

Expect to pay: R49 per month

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