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Sean Bacher

AppDate: New AI keyboard for smartphones

In this app roundup SEAN BACHER highlights the Uber Go and Moove partnership, Typewise 3.0, BiB audio library, the Europcar partnership with FlexClub, and McAfee’s Mvision security framework.



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Europcar partnership with FlexClub

Europcar has partnered with FlexClub, allowing it to expand from its previous rental-only service and move into the vehicle subscription space in South Africa.

It sats global car buying norms have changed, making car subscriptions an attractive option. The FlexClub approach to car subscriptions serves as a bridge between car rental and auto retail, creating a new channel for car rental companies and other automotive players. 

The service allows members in Cape Town and Johannesburg to compare various car subscription offers at a fixed monthly fee and have their chosen vehicle delivered in a short time. The FlexClub car shopping offer is digital, covering member signup, payment and vehicle delivery.

Platform: Most devices with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect today: A commission is charge depending on the subscription taken out when buying the car.

Stockists: Visit FlexClub here to start shopping for a new car.

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