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AppDate: New AI keyboard for smartphones

In this app roundup SEAN BACHER highlights the Uber Go and Moove partnership, Typewise 3.0, BiB audio library, the Europcar partnership with FlexClub, and McAfee’s Mvision security framework.



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Typewise 3.0

Typewise has released a new AI keyboard app for smartphones.

The app features better autocorrection technology which, when combined with a honeycomb style keyboard, promises to reduce typos by four times and result in 33% faster typing speeds.

Typewise can also automatically detect the language that the user is typing in and switch to it, preventing incorrect words from entering the message. This happens without having to change the language in the settings. It also recognises and assists users when they type in a dialect or use colloquialisms, in over forty languages.

The introduction of the AI technology into the app came about after a study conducted by Cambridge University and ETH Zürich. It looked at data from 37,000 people’s typing habits and analysed the difference between participants who used autocorrect technology and those that did not. The study concluded that choosing word predictions manually does not speed up typing, but contextual autocorrect technology does.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: Free to download but with in-app purchases

Stockists: Visit the Typewise website here for downloading instructions

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