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AppDate: Meds from app, direct to the door

In this AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights PharmaGo, TB HealthCheck, Averly, FlexClub and Quench Marketplace.


PharmaGo offers same-day and next-day deliveries of chronic and over-the-counter medication ordered from one’s phone

It passes on uploads of customers’ prescriptions via the app, directly to a Pharmacy Panel, which is accessible only to the pharmacist fulfilling the prescription. This process ensures both information security and discretion. This direct-to-pharmacy prescription upload process is specifically for PharmaGo, and payments for the products are processed via credit or debit card, and direct medical aid submission.

PharmaGo’s partnerships include 73 pharmacies, with free deliveries available within a radius of 20-50km. A nationwide facility enables deliveries to sites outside of the network’s reach, with those deliveries available in about two days. Delivery drivers are deployed to pharmacies by PharmaGo, so each delivery is facilitated by a dedicated service.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Download the app from the Google Play Store here and the Apple App Store here.

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