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AppDate: Insure what you want, when you want

In his latest app update, SEAN BACHER outlines JaSure’s short term insurance, UCook’s increase in food delivery, Giftr, Boxer Stores supporting Deposit@Till, and Averly’s tenant test platform



UCook’s increase in food delivery 

UCook has scaled from 24 meals in its first delivery five years ago, to thousands every week now. The reason for this scalability, the company says, is Picup’s logistics solution.

UCook provides ingredients and well-written recipes. Its food team collaborates with top SA chefs and food talent to produce 12 recipes each week. Customers can choose their favourites online and have pre-portioned ingredients with recipe cards delivered.

Bunna Booyens, UCook head of logistics, says Picup is responsible for approximately 2,600 of its weekly deliveries, ensuring that all meals are delivered on time. “Customers can choose which recipes they’d like to cook each week. Our fresh, locally sourced ingredients – in the perfect portions – are delivered straight to our customers each week.”

Picup’s reliable tech, responsive support and crowdsourced fleet, it says, has allowed UCook to scale without the teething problems one would generally experience when using traditional carriers. Picup’s Transport Management System (TMS) helps streamline the entire logistics and last-mile delivery process.

Picup TMS offers integrated customisable SMS and e-mail notifications to let customers know when the delivery is around the corner. The SMS sent to customers includes a link to track drivers, with all their details, and e-mails sent to remind customers that their meal kit is on the way also notifies them when it had been successfully delivered.

Platform: Most devices with an Internet connection

Expect to pay: A free service but ingredients, food items and delivery charges vary.

Stockists: Visit UCook here to sign up.

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