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AppDate: Insure what you want, when you want

In his latest app update, SEAN BACHER outlines JaSure’s short term insurance, UCook’s increase in food delivery, Giftr, Boxer Stores supporting Deposit@Till, and Averly’s tenant test platform



JaSure short term insurance

Santam has partnered with on-demand insurance technology company JaSure. The Insurtech company offers digital, on-demand insurance to clients, allowing them to choose what they want to insure and when they want to do so.

JaSure’s offering is controlled entirely through the app and provides on-demand insurance for portable possessions like cellphones, laptops, cameras, bicycles, other sports gear, eyewear, camping equipment and musical instruments. Insurance can be purchased for an individual item for a specific period of time, and the cover can be turned on and off at the client’s discretion.

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect to pay: Free to join, but insurance prices vary depending on replacement values and insurance periods.

Stockists: Visit to JaSure here to sign up and get insuring.

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