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AppDate: Immediate and accurate crime info

In his AppDate roundup, SEAN BACHER spotlights CrimeSpotter, RocketNet Probe, Zoho Workplace, HealthCheck, and Nedbank Money App Lite.


South Africans can now stay more informed on crime and safety issues in their neighbourhood through CrimeSpotter. It combines technology and data from the community, which is then shared.  

The idea behind the app is to use South Africans’ eyes and ears to report all crimes and provide any additional information to create a modus operandi and to let others know how they can avoid falling victim to a similar type of crime.

For example, most property crimes can be prevented by taking simple steps, such as locking doors and removing valuables from plain view. If people know that these types of crimes are being reported in their neighbourhoods, they can better prepare their property.

Crimes are instantly mapped and nearby users, police stations and community policing patrols alerted. 

Crimes can then be searched or browsed as pins on a map or in a timeline format. 

Reporting incidents on CrimeSpotter does not replace an official police report, and is done to alert others and to contribute data to the central crime database.

Platform: Android and iOS

Stockists: Visit the CrimeSpotter site here for downloading instructions

Expect to pay: A free download and incidents can be reported anonymously.

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