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AppDate: Covid-19 app that leaves nothing to chance

In his latest AppDate, SEAN BACHER highlights CovidCheckUp, Telkom’s Pay Digital Wallet, Nedbank USSD Home Loan calculator, iTorho, and AmaMeme.


SA Fintech entrepreneurs Wayne Zwiers and Pramod Mohanlal have developed a data-driven Cobid-19 screening and risk assessment application, CovidCheckUp, which uses algorithms and data from international peer-reviewed scientific journals to provide personalised assessments according to  probability-based calculations.

They argue that, with South Africa in its second wave of infections, there is a need for a more reliable and accessible risk screening tool. “There are so many Covid-19 screening apps, but many don’t take into account the risk of the comorbidities in an individual, nor do they provide a quantitative risk assessment for a workforce,” says Mohanlal.

A comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional conditions, often co-occurring with a primary condition – and in the case of Covid-19, the presence of comorbidities can complicate or nullify screening and assessments that don’t take them into account.

The app can help employers plan safe return to office environments by understanding who is at risk – and therefore who will be better served by working from home until individual risk levels improve.

The application offers a user-friendly interface and takes less than five minutes for an assessment. The data can then be sent to employers, along with reports as part of workplace planning and HR strategies.

Platform: Any device with an up-to-date Internet browser

Expect to pay: A free service

Stockists: Visit here to complete an assessment.

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