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AppDate: A security boost for schools

In his latest app round-up, SEAN BACHER features Karri, ChatBack, Charge Running, Bookings Africa and HomeChoice.


Infobip has enabled a WhatsApp Business API for ChatFin, a fintech company which recently introduced its latest platform – ChatBack.  The platform simplifies consumers’ everyday tasks by providing rich content customer dialogue over WhatsApp – delivering the underlying capability for the launch of ChatFin’s hassle-free service for South African’s to renew their vehicle licences. 

With the service, car owners in South Africa can, at any time, renew their vehicle licences over WhatsApp. The convenient renewal process takes less than two minutes, saving vehicle owners the time of having to wait in long queues.

WhatsApp, used by 1.6-billion people in over 180 countries, is the world’s most used chat app. WhatsApp’s channel verification with its green check mark also helps customers recognise the verified dialogue, assuring that the end-customer is in fact communicating with the right business or organisation, avoiding fraud situations.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: ChatBack renewal costs R199, which includes licence disc delivery. 

Stockists: Users can click here to start the process in WhatsApp or go to the ChatBack website, or add ChatBack (+27 66 202 6685) to their contacts and then text “renew” over WhatsApp to get started.

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