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Restore the world in
‘After Us’

The emotional adventure platforming game that challenges the player to restore life on Earth is available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Explore a surrealistic world as Gaia, the Spirit of Life, in a quest to restore a bleak and broken planet by reviving the spirits of animals in After Us, now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. 

The third-person adventure game from Private Division and Piccolo Studio combines platforming, puzzle solving, and emotional storytelling. Will you be able to fight back the darkness to return hope to the world in After Us?

Private Division has made a charitable donation to The Nature Conservancy to celebrate the release of After Us. In this heartfelt game, players help restore nature by growing plants and trees, reviving extinct animals, and prevailing over the consequences of climate change. “We hope After Us brings more awareness to the efforts being made across the globe by so many fantastic organizations like The Nature Conservancy, each striving to create a brighter future for our planet,” said Michael Worosz, Chief Strategy Officer, Take-Two Interactive, and Head of Private Division.

Players traverse multiple biomes in After Us, tiptoeing carefully across tightropes high above a wasteland of a crumbling city, navigating treacherous waters of sunken ships, and dodging deadly traps while outrunning the watchful eye of the Devourers, oil-covered lumbering adversaries set on consuming all remaining life. Using her burst of life ability, Gaia emits radiant energy and light to regrow lost fields, sprout massive trees, and unlock new paths to travel.

“With After Us we sought to make a game that inspires and challenges players,” said Jordi Ministral, Game Director at Piccolo Studio. “At the core, we ask what kind of world we may leave behind. While seemingly dark at times, we ultimately want to share a message of hope and can’t wait to see the reactions from players.”

There are over 100 different animal spirits to collect in After Us. Players learn the final fates of various majestic creatures, such as the last whale, the final eagle caged, and the last deer hunted down. Each new environment presents new challenges and tells the stories of these beasts’ final moments before their climactic moment of rebirth. In addition to these great spirits, players can discover several other wildlife, including cats, squirrels, fish, horses, and more. Once found, these animals will begin to appear throughout the world: serene spiritual reflections of the inhabitants who once roamed Earth.

After Us dares players to discover what happened to our planet through imaginative and evocative environmental storytelling. Players will encounter gorgeous vistas and sweeping, destruction-strewn scenery offering moments of reflection. What choices led to the creation of this wasteland? Players will unlock hidden memories to learn about the tragedy and beauty of daily life. There are puzzles to be solved, which reveal glimpses into the devastating actions that led to this world. And ultimately, by unraveling these mysteries, players will discover the complete story behind After Us.

After Us is meant not only to entertain but enlighten players. It is a title we are incredibly proud to be launching today,” said Naomi Steele, Senior Producer at Private Division. “Piccolo Studio showcases their strengths and abilities to craft an unconventional game that is sure to leave a heartfelt and poignant impression.”

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