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Beausoft has released SpyCam Watcher, a PC-based program that monitors and records from a webcam or network camera for under $30.

Beausoft has released SpyCam Watcher, a PC-based program that monitors and records from a webcam or network camera. It includes motion detection recording, disk space management and virtual tripwires, along with an optional iPhone/iPad remote access app that lets you see your camera and recordings from anywhere.

Based on the widely adopted Netcam Watcher Professional package, SpyCam Watcher is a powerful, full featured and reliable program that costs less than $30, making it the lowest cost professional-grade surveillance software available. Designed to monitor your property, keep your business, home, and family safe from intruders, and alert you where there is a problem, SpyCam Watcher is a complete package for single camera systems.

The virtual tripwire facility lets you draw one or more lines on a camera image, and these become tripwires that can trigger recording or alarms, or they can be logged for future analysis.

Motion detection and virtual tripwire recording allows you to only record what is interesting. You can also record what happens prior to (or after) motion or a tripwire being tripped.

SpyCam Watcher Remote Control is an iPhone/iPad app that lets you connect to your SpyCam Watcher system to view live and recorded video, as well as control your camera.

SpyCam Watcher can generate audible alarms, or it can email alarm messages. A typical use might be to receive an email on your iPhone: you can then jump to the SpyCam Watcher Remote Control app to check what’s been happening.

SpyCam Watcher supports most USB webcams, and network cameras from more than 50 manufacturers. It runs on Windows PC and costs US$29.90. The iPhone Remote Control client costs US$4.99

Requirements: Windows PC running Windows XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7. For use with SpyCam Watcher Remote Control, an internet connection is needed. SpyCam Watcher Remote Control runs on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) running iOS 4 or 5.


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