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Cutting edge tech goes back to school

JSE-listed ADvTECH is rolling out its custom tech learning platform to schools in the rest of Africa this year.

JSE-listed ADvTECH, Africa’s largest private education provider, is rolling out its custom tech learning platform to its schools in the rest of Africa this year, following its success in South Africa.

ADvLEARN, a customised platform developed for ADvTECH, was launched across South African schools in January 2023. It provides personalised learning paths using adaptive technology to deliver data-driven insights and learning analytics. 

Developed for the group by MathU, it utilises artificial intelligence to create customised learning pathways for each student, ensuring a deeper understanding of concepts. This groundbreaking approach empowers teachers to monitor student progress in real-time, granting insights to cater to individual learning needs. Additionally, the platform enables teachers to assign personalised learning in the form of homework and assessments to students, offering instant feedback with automated grading.

Following the local rollout, ADvTECH schools in South Africa now have access to valuable learner progress data, enabling teachers to provide targeted support to students.

The 2023 data analysis has revealed that students who regularly engage with the platform experience marked improvements in their subject grades, with progress rates between 15% and 29%.

“We have been delighted with the results of ADvLEARN in South Africa and we are confident that we will be able to replicate the excellent results achieved by our students, in our schools in the rest of Africa,” says Desiree Hugo, academic head of ADvTECH’s schools division.

ADvLEARN’s ambitious expansion strategy for 2024 marks a significant milestone in ADvTECH’s mission to provide world-class educational solutions across the continent.

The expansion will include the rollout to Crawford International Kenya, scheduled for launch at the end of January 2024, followed by its introduction to Gaborone International School in Botswana in February. The ADvLEARN platform will assist students with the Cambridge Curriculum in Mathematics Year 7 to 12, Physics Year 10 to 11 (IGCSE), Physics Year 12 (AS Levels), Chemistry Year 10 to 11 (IGCSE) and Chemistry Year 12 (AS Levels).

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