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Acer first with Optane

Acer Africa has announced that its new Swift 3 ultrabook will be the first device to market with Intel Optane Technology, a memory technology design which promises incomparable speed, density and non-volatility for faster processing.

Acer has launched the Intel Optane Technology in its Swift 3 device to target users who want the performance of a very high-end laptop at an affordable price.

Being the first to market with this technology provides Acer with the opportunity to offer the consumer advanced processing capabilities for heavy workloads. The Swift 3 ultrabook, in an i5 and i7 (8th Generation) configuration, has been earmarked to enter the market with Optane as it is a stylish and luxurious device, made for the person looking for the best available in speed.

Intel Optane uses advanced artificial intelligence to make a computer faster without having to spend a fortune on a computer with a bigger memory chip or larger storage access.

It combines a next generational non-volatile memory called 3D XPOINT Memory, which eliminates the lag time an internal storage processor takes to administer large data sets. The simple and dense design enables Intel to deliver greater capacity than DRAM, a memory chip that relies on an applied voltage to keep stored data, in the same space.

Optane technology is especially useful for demanding workload environments, as it utilises low latency levels to boost memory performance, eliminating the performance penalty for each data request, making it suitable for most devices, applications and services. Optane Memory will also play a massive role in the move to Cloud Technology for businesses in the future.

The chip monitors what programs the user accesses and stores this information on the Optane memory chip. This allows for a device to run multiple programs at the same but at a faster pace with less lagging.

Traditionally, without Optane, users who were looking for better performance from their device would need to increase the memory in their PC. For example: They would need to upgrade from a 4GB D-RAM to 8GB D-RAM or change their storage from a slow Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to a much faster Solid State Drive (SDD). Both upgrade options would come at a huge cost. Intels’ Optane can now deliver speed on a notebook at an affordable price.

In combining the design of the Acer Swift 3 Ultrabook and the latest Core i5 and Core i7 8th Generation processors, while still including 16GB of Optane memory, Acer is hoping to expand the market by enticing consumers who are looking for optimal memory capacity on a budget.

The Acer i5 Optane 4GB D-Ram + 16GB Optane memory + 1TB HDD is available at Makro in a Silver aluminium finish, Blue and Rose Pink.

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