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Zoom moves into hardware

Zoom has partnered with Dten to create hardware designed to make video calls better for professionals.

You’ve got the Internet connection. You’ve got the business partners to meet. Finally, to connect to a meeting, you’ve got… an SD webcam with a muffled microphone? 

To remedy this, Zoom and videoconferencing hardware maker Dten have created a conferencing tool called the Dten Me. It features a large 27-inch touchscreen panel, 3 cameras for different levels of zoom, and an 8 microphone array to mitigate sound quality issues. It also features Wi-Fi and ethernet networking capabilities. 

This enormous device can connect to Zoom’s videoconferencing service with built-in Dten OS, which can act as a separate workspace from a computer. When the meeting is over, though, it can be used as a second screen for a computer by making use of its HDMI input port. 

“After experiencing remote work ourselves for the past several months, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new category dedicated to remote workers,” Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said in a statement. 

Zoom has also invested in Neat, a hardware maker in Norway, which is set to use Zoom for a more immersive videoconferencing experience. 

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