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YahClick switches on

Vox Telecom has announced that the new YahClick satellite broadband service is now fully commercially available across South Africa.

YahClick is the first Ka-band satellite service available in South Africa and is the result of a partnership between local telecommunications company Vox Telecom and Abu Dhabi-based Yahsat. Ka-band satellites transmit many highly focused, overlapping ‚’spot beams’, each covering a relatively small area, which allows for access to greater bandwidth at a lower cost.

‚”We are extremely happy with the signals received thus far and there are currently a few hundred customers using the service as part of the test phase,‚” says Jacques Visser, YahClick Project Manager for Vox Telecom. ‚”Because the technology is so sophisticated, we have taken our time to ensure that we have all of the components required in stock, as well as fully trained installers, before committing to a full, commercial rollout which we are now ready to do.‚”

The service is particularly attractive to users in rural areas, who may not have access to high-speed internet, helping bridge the technological gap for unserved and underserviced communities. ‚”The demand for this type of service has been huge,‚” says Visser. ‚”In fact I was one of the first customers!‚”

A subscriber, Morn√© Janse Van Rensburg at Urban Wild, a company that provides comprehensive communication solutions for business and residential users in South Africa, reports that the service made a huge difference to his business, ‚”I have been struggling with a proper broadband internet solution even though my business is in an urban area that is supposed to have very good landline and cellular infrastructure, but nothing worked properly. YahClick is the ideal solution for me because it offers great speed and capacity and I was able to get the service and the installation done with very little effort and time. I am definitely installing it at my home as well.‚”

Visser reports that 100 installers have already been trained across the country, and that 150 more installers will be trained before the end of the year. ‚”We want to be as close to our customers as possible to ensure that our service is accessible and reliable regardless of their geographic location,‚” Visser says.

The introduction of high-speed, affordable satellite broadband is expected to have a significant economic impact on the country.‚”South Africa is going through a rapid development phase and is quickly being recognised by the global economy for its untapped potential. The country has all the qualities needed to be a large scale economic player: resources, minerals, skills, and labour. YahClick is the technological enabler the link that can help each industry or sector connect and join with their peers around the world via high performance, high speed, very reliable and wide reaching satellite internet broadband,‚” stated Shawkat Ahmed, Chief Commercial Officer, Yahsat.

But the service does not only benefit rural users. ‚”YahClick Insure‚” service plans are designed for businesses in urban centres. For a minimal monthly fee, subscribers have access to unlimited satellite broadband service on any day an outage occurs for a very small daily fee, guaranteeing peace of mind independent of any in-country internet connectivity issues.

‚”YahClick is a game changing technology and one we believe will bring real value to the South African market,‚” Visser concludes. ‚”For our economy to thrive we need to help connect the country. We are tremendously excited to be partnering with Yahsat to offer a new way for South Africans to access and enjoy broadband connectivity for work, health, education, entertainment and business.‚”

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