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Xperia Ear gets SA hearing

The Sony Xperia Ear, an in ear personal assistant that works off voice commands and head gestures is now exclusively available from

Sony Mobile Communications has released the Xperia Ear, an in-ear personal assistant, in South Africa. The gadget, which helps users communicate and get things done via conversational voice interaction and simple head gestures is available exclusively from

The Xperia Ear provides useful information such as a schedule, weather and the latest news to keep users up-to-date on the go. Powered by Sony Agent Technology, an adaptive platform, Xperia Ear responds to verbal commands, so one can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location.

“We’ll always back cutting-edge technology that enriches the lives of our customers and it’s just the kind of exciting innovation we’re looking to offer on,” says Julie-Anne Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer at Takealot. “Living increasingly interconnected lives, here’s a product that enables us to stay in touch, keep organised and plan our time, hands-free. By making the Xperia Ear available to buy online at Takealot, we’re giving customers all over South Africa a fast, simple and direct way to shop this technology first.”

Xperia Ear reads out incoming texts, WhatsApp or Facebook messages and allows one to initiate a response with a simple nod and then reply instantly with one’s voice. Xperia Ear has a full-day of battery life and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when it’s placed in your ear.

Christian Haghofer, Sony Mobile South Africa Country Manager said: “Xperia Ear enables you to be aware of and be in touch with the world around you. It gives you a liberating feeling of not being tied to a smartphone. We are delighted to be teaming up with Takealot to bring this innovative product to the South African market and look forward to the response.”

* The Recommended Retail Price is R2499, 00.

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