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The secret sauce in Xiaomi 12T

MediaTek powers the new Xiaomi flagship models with the Dimensity 8100-Ultra chip, making for a silky-smooth user experience.

When Xiaomi unveiled its 12T Series smartphones in South Africa, the silky-smooth user experience was a highlight of these flagship models. There seemed to be a secret sauce behind the lightning fast and efficient user experience in capturing photos and videos, watching movies or series, or scrolling through social media.

But it was no secret. Rather, it was all about the chipset inside. The handsets are powered by MediaTek’s leading flagship chipset, the Dimensity 8100-Ultra. In recent years, Xiaomi has sourced more and more chips from MediaTek, with the partnership leading to many innovative smartphones.

The 8100-Ultra utilises an advanced 5 nanometre process technology that boosts performance as well as efficiency to levels well above its predecessor, the 1200-Ultra. The new chipset provides a 28% boost in CPU performance, a 30% boost in GPU performance, a 27% boost in CPU power efficiency, and a 30% boost in GPU power efficiency. Little wonder it offers a great balance of performance and efficiency.

The chipset also features a mega cooling system, ensuring that optimal performance is maintained while the device is kept cool. The cooling system includes a vapuor chamber that’s 65% larger than the previous generation, for dramatically improved cooling performance.

Other standout features and specs of the Xiaomi 12T include a108MP pro-grade camera along with ultra-wide and macro lenses, and a long-lasting 5,000mAh battery, with 120W HyperCharge that can power the device up to 100% in 19 minutes.

A 120Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display provides an immersive and detailed visual experience. With 1220p resolution and over 68-billion colours, it is designed to balance clarity, colour details and power efficiency. This display also comes with AdaptiveSync display, which helps maximise battery life by allowing the automatic adjustment of refresh rates based on content, and Adaptive True Display to ensure vivid colours and high contrast.

The Xiaomi 12T is priced from R13,999 (recommended retail price), and is available from Xiaomi’s online and offline carrier and retail partners, as well as the official Xiaomi Store in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

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