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Subtitles maximise Tab M11

The new Lenovo tablet promises real-time subtitles, overcoming barriers to enjoying podcasts and better engagement, writes ANGELIQUE MOGOTLANE.

What is it?

The Lenovo Tab M11, unveiled at CES 2024 earlier this year, has arrived in South Africa, with a promise of cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing the user experience. 

Visually, the device shares similarities and offers comparable features to its predecessors, the P11 and P12. However, this tablet has an aluminium frame and aluminium back, aside from coming in two colours, seafoam grey and Luna grey.

The Lenovo Tab M11 features a 10.95’’ screen with Dolby Vision display, designed to deliver high dynamic range videos. It runs on Android 13, the latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system for tablets. With a storage capacity of 128GB and support for micro SD cards for expanded external storage, it is ideal for backing up photos and videos. The tablet comes with 4GB of RAM and utilises a MediaTek Helio G88 Octa-core processor.

The camera features a 13MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera with AI capabilities. While it may not have the highest camera quality, it serves well for tasks such as editing and taking pictures of basic objects. It offers immersive sound through its four Dolby Atmos technology speakers, providing a great surround sound experience.

The highlight of the Lenovo Tab M11, for me, is a Live Caption feature that automatically generates captions for videos, podcasts, games, live streams, and video calls. The audio captions are processed on the device and not by Google, ensuring privacy and accessibility. 

With this feature, I was able to watch videos with live subtitles, even in instances where I couldn’t listen but had to read through. I found this helpful when the sound quality of the video wasn’t great, and it enabled me to follow up with the mood and emotions of the video, for better engagement. 

The tablet comes with a stylus pen that is very easy to use; there’s no need to switch it on and off or worry about not being able to use it because it has to be charged. It is quick and responsive when drawing, rather than taking notes with it. However, compared to the Lenovo Tab P11, this one does not have a magnetic effect that holds the precision pen on the side or at the back to keep it safe. Despite this difference, the stylus pen seamlessly responds to the tablet after an initial setup, offering a smooth writing experience.

What does it cost? 

The tablet retails for approximately R8,999 in South Africa.

Why does it matter? 

Tablets provide unmatched ease for productivity on-the-go, without the need to carry a heavy laptop. They seamlessly blend the functionality of a phone and a PC, streamlining tasks effortlessly. The Tab M11 adds to that functionality, enhancing overall productivity. 

What are the biggest Negatives

  • No magnet function for the pen.
  • It does not come with a case.
  • It comes in limited colours.
  • The stylus pen is not that good for basic writing.
  • Only comes with a charging cable and not a charger

What are the biggest Positives

  • It is lightweight, with an 11’’ screen.
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • Comes with a stylus pen.
  • Affordable.

* Angelique Mogotlane is a Content Manager and writer for Follow her on Twitter @Angelique135i.

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