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Workflow boost for SMEs

A new workflow tool developed by a South African consultancy offers small businesses the efficiencies usually enjoyed by large enterprises.

A workflow tool that has transformed many retail operations in South Africa has been made available to small and medium enterprises via the Internet.

SME Workflow, developed by Retail Plus, ensures that well-planned structures are adhered to and that tasks are completed on time. It keeps all stake holders informed of delays in processes, ensures timely confirmations or conclusions and advises when issues are not being managed.

‚”It not only saves money, and thus results in higher profit, but also leads to a better customer experience,‚” says Ellis Falkof of Retail Plus. ‚”Internet hosting in the Cloud ensures low cost of ownership and accessibility through any browser on any device. It is highly configurable, allowing user flexibility and is simple to operate.‚”

SME workflow has been installed in all Look & Listen branches, streamlining the thousands of special customer requests they receive nationwide. Their head office buyers have reported a dynamic improvement in the process, leading to improved customer satisfaction and better managed lead times.

‚”There are many repetitive processes which one employs in everyday business, all focused on the ultimate goal, reducing inefficiencies contributing to increased profit,‚” says Falkof. ‚”SME Workflow can manage tasks that small most business cannot afford to automate: repair and guarantee management, disciplinary process, stock orders, consignment management, special customer requests, sales prospecting, credit applications and many more.‚”

‚”The simple manipulation of assignees, timelines, escalations, reminders, task content and document generation is managed by the client,‚” says Falkof. ‚”This process does not need skilled IT staff, it ensures control and flexibility.

‚”If a process can be documented, it can be automated.‚”

* For a free workflow that manages customer requests, or to contact Retail Plus, click here: A library of predefined workflows is also available, which obviates the cost of creating new projects.


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