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Windows Phones get Drifta

MultiChoice has released a Drifta viewer app for Windows Phone, allowing users to view selected DStv channels on their smartphones.

Now, thanks to the free Drifta viewer app for Windows Phone, even more mobile users can catch their favourite TV shows and channels on the go. No more having to miss out on that big game or gripping final episode of your favourite drama series.

Get selected DStv channels and a wide range of videos on your Windows Phone with DStv Mobile and enjoy mobile TV, anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

The Drifta application allows users to watch DVB-H mobile television broadcast and requires an active Drifta mobile decoder in a DVB-H coverage area.

Installation and use of the application is easy. Simply go to the Windows Phone Marketplace application, search for ‚”Drifta‚” and then install the free application from MultiChoice. Press and hold the power button on the Drifta until it turns on, then wait for the DVB-H light to go steady green. Connect the phone’s Wi-Fi to the Drifta and launch the Drifta application on the phone. Tap a channel logo to watch the channel and tap a channel’s line-up to view the channel schedule.

Already receiving rave reviews, the Drifta app for Windows Phone provides a seamless experience that brings mobile TV entertainment into the palm of your hand, almost anywhere. Now there’s no excuse to miss a thing.


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