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Why the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series is a must-have tablet experience

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series offers long-lasting battery life, enhanced multitasking capabilities, and an improved S Pen in the box.

Whether you want to explore your artistic side, be immersed in lag-free gaming, or multitask with ease, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 series is the tablet that has to be considered. Offering an amazing combination of performance and power, what you can now do on a tablet opens up new worlds of possibility.  The Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and Samsung’s flagship Tab S8 Ultra break the rules for tablets. The tablets’ functionality complements work, play, creating and connecting in the following ways:

  • Sophisticated hardware, premium productivity features, and the seamless ecosystem Galaxy users count on are combined in a single portable productivity powerhouse, designed to be a companion in an always-on, video-first world. 
  • On the Galaxy Tab S8 series, users are ready for action, fuelled by an intelligent all-day battery that supports hours of video playback when you’re in the middle of a movie marathon. It supports 45W Ultra super-fast charging that can get back to 100% in up to 80 minutes. If other devices need a power boost on-the-go, connect the Galaxy Tab S8 to a Galaxy S22 smartphone with a USB-C cable, and the tablet’s fast-charging battery can double as a portable charger.
  • Each Galaxy Tab S8 offers an improved video conferencing experience with ultra-wide front cameras, a three-microphone setup, and intelligent auto-framing technology for a professional video call experience. 
  • It offers multitasking capabilities with enhanced Multi-active Windows and Samsung DeX, safe and easy file sharing with password-protected Quick Share, and powerful productivity with the new, super-fast 4nm processor, a smoother S Pen and keyboard cover in the box.
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