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WhatsApp rolls out Communities

Polls and 32-person video conferences come to the world’s most popular messaging app.

Meta has announced the roll-out of Communities on WhatsApp, enabling people to bring together separate groups under one umbrella.

Users can receive updates sent to the entire Community and organise smaller discussion groups. 

Communities will also contain new tools for admins, including announcement messages that are sent to everyone, and control over which groups can be included.

WhatsApp is also making a number of improvements to how groups work — whether or not they are part of a community.  

“We’re introducing Polls, a fun and effective way to make decisions in a group without spamming everyone in the chat,” says Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

“And we’re also introducing 32-person video calls for those times when you need to come together as a group, whether that be a family chat or something for work.

“It makes groups better by enabling sub-groups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and more. We’re also rolling out polls and 32-person video calling too. All secured by end-to-end encryption, so your messages stay private.”

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