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WhatsApp chats between users and brands grew 500% in April

Digital channels are playing a critical role in customer service during the COVID-19 crisis

Customer habits and relationships with companies were altered during the Covid-19 pandemic. Aivo, a company specialized in artificial intelligence customer service solutions, made a study among its clients to identify this new reality.

With fewer staff available during this contingency, the inability to provide in-person support and saturated hotlines, channels such as chat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have been crucial for agents to continue serving customers. In March, there was a 51% increase in the overall volume of conversations between companies and users.

The majority of Aivo‘s clients, the report indicates, is making a structural change in its service strategy due to the expansion of the coronavirus and the limitations on clients due to quarantine.

Before the pandemic, many had a channel strategy consisting of 70% phone channels and 30% instant messaging. Almost 20% of these companies inverted these values ​​at the beginning of the crisis. Digital channels have had average traffic increases of between 200% and 300% for these companies, on average, and up to 800% in the case of some of Aivo’s customers.

Martín Frascaroli, CEO and Founder of Aivo, says, “Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in many industries. Companies are rapidly modifying marketing strategies, operations and business models to better serve customers in these times of crisis. It is more important than ever to be flexible and empathic in the channels that are most convenient for customers.”

Interested readers can access the full report analyzing changes in customer care during the situation here.

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