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Wake up to hybrid security

Cloud technologies are an important element of modern security solutions, but cannot protect computers without the support of local security tools. The best way is to use hybrid solutions that incorporate local anti-malware technologies.

Today, the amount of malware is increasing exponentially: about 140 new threats appear every minute. It is already impossible to overcome them simply by using the traditional signature search method new threats are emerging too fast for even regular updates to stay one step ahead. That is why security solution developers are working on combining proactive and cloud technologies. The former help detect unknown threats: the latter deliver protection from new threats as fast as possible. There are further security solutions based only on cloud technologies, but these cannot provide reliable protection against complex threats, including zero-days. And such solutions cannot work efficiently without a stable Internet connection.

Clearly, the way forward is to use hybrid solutions which combine local technologies, reactive and proactive, with cloud service functions. Such solutions are most popular in large enterprises 29% surveyed corporations of this size use hybrid security. Sadly, however, these solutions remain unpopular among other companies. According to a B2B International survey in November 2012, only 21% of companies surveyed use them. Most respondents (51%) prefer local solutions with no cloud assistance, and another 20% choose cloud security tools.

Kaspersky Lab’s hybrid solution

Kaspersky Lab experts are sure that only hybrid solutions can provide the best protection against cyber-threats. That is why Kaspersky Lab was one of the first companies to add a cloud-based technology Kaspersky Security Network to its products for home and corporate users. With the user’s consent, the technology collects anonymous data about infection attempts from computers running Kaspersky Lab security solutions and sends this information to its specialists for detailed incident analysis. After taking proper measures for user protection, such as adding a malicious website to a blacklist, creating signatures, etc., the updates for security tools and antivirus databases are transferred to all Kaspersky Lab products via the Kaspersky Security Network.

The new platform for corporate users, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, also interacts closely with Kaspersky Security Network. The platform’s components collect data about new malware, dangerous websites and spam outbreaks, form white – and blacklists of applications, add to the database of vulnerabilities, etc. All necessary updates are downloaded to user computers just a few seconds after being checked by Kaspersky Lab experts. The results is a corporate security solution that provides efficient and, importantly, urgent protection against cyber-threats.


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