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vSphere 6 makes 650 changes

VMware has announced VMware vSphere 6, the newest edition of its virtualisation solution for the hybrid cloud and foundation for the software-defined data center.

With more than 650 new features and innovations, VMware vSphere 6 is claimed to provide customers with a highly available, resilient, on-demand cloud infrastructure to run, protect and manage any application. VMware vSphere 6 will be complemented by the newest releases of VMware vCloud Suite 6, VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6, and VMware Virtual SAN 6.

VMwar also reinforced its support of open frameworks for building and managing clouds with its new VMware Integrated OpenStack distribution. This first OpenStack distribution from VMware promises to empower IT to provide developers with open API access to enterprise-class VMware infrastructure. Additionally, VMware revealed a technology preview that will enable customers to bridge the public and private cloud through the combination of VMware NSX network virtualisation and VMware vCloud Air, VMware’s public cloud service, to enable a single, secure network domain.

As our customers accelerate growth, their IT organisations are expected to drive transformation, enhance efficiency and bring more value to the business than ever before,” said Ben Fathi, chief technology officer, VMware, Inc. “We are helping them achieve these goals through continued innovation in VMware vSphere as the platform for their hybrid cloud strategy. VMware vSphere is the gold standard by which all other virtualisation technologies are measured, and vSphere 6 raises the bar even higher.

In other news, VMware announced the industry’s first unified platform of virtualised compute, networking and storage for the hybrid cloud, as well as new innovations for software-defined storage including VMware Virtual SAN 6 and vSphere Virtual Volumes.

VMware vSphere 6 – The Foundation for Hybrid Cloud

Unveiled last night, VMware vSphere 6 will deliver breakthrough new capabilities to address the needs of business-critical and cloud-native applications, and drive higher performance, scale and consolidation ratios. VMware vSphere 6 will also re-define infrastructure and application service-levels and availability. New capabilities and features include:

· Broad Application Support РVMware vSphere 6 will address the specific challenges of cloud-native applications, including agile development cycles and multiple application instances. With VMware vSphere 6, organisations will be able to manage thousands of component instances of a single cloud-native application. New scale, performance and availability capabilities also make vSphere 6 the platform of choice for virtualising scale-up applications such as SAP HANA, scale-out workloads such as Hadoop, and business-critical applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and SAP ERP.

· New Long-Distance Live Migration Capabilities РVMware vSphere 6 introduces Long-Distance vMotion, which will enable zero downtime live migration of workloads over long distances such as New York to London. With multi-processor fault tolerance, another industry first, customers will benefit from continuous availability for larger virtual machines up to four virtual-CPUs.

¬∑ Instant Clone Technology – Introduced as Project Fargo, a technology preview at VMworld¬Æ 2014 San Francisco, VMware’s Instant Clone technology will make it possible to rapidly clone and provision thousands of container instances and virtual machines to make new virtual infrastructure available in sub-second timeframes.

· 3D Graphics for Desktop Virtualisation РVMware vSphere 6 will enable enterprises to deliver high-end workstation and graphics-intensive applications to virtual desktops such as VMware Horizon 6 for industries such as engineering, automotive, education and architecture. Using NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology, immersive 3D graphics can be delivered from the cloud enabling greater density, scalable performance and increased cost-savings.

¬∑ Enterprise-Class Hypervisor-Converged Storage – VMware’s flagship will provide enterprise-class scale, performance and new data services making it the ideal storage platform for virtual machines including business-critical applications.

¬∑ Virtual Machine-Awareness for Third-Party Storage – VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes is the industry’s first solution that will enable native virtual machine awareness on a wide range of third-party storage systems, extending VMware’s software-defined storage control plane to the ecosystem. Read more about VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes.

Customers can optimise the performance, capacity and configuration health of VMware vSphere 6 with the newly introduced VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6. An integrated platform and management solution, VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 simplifies infrastructure management with predictive analytics as well as automated recommendation and remediation capabilities. The solution delivers value from day one by helping customers proactively identify and remediate emerging performance and configuration issues and to reclaim any overprovisioned virtual machines along with associated compute, memory and storage resources.

Also announced today, VMware vCloud Suite 6 will integrate VMware vSphere 6 with the latest releases of its cloud management solutions – VMware vRealize Automation 6.2 and VMware vRealize Operations 6 – to deliver a private cloud based on a software-defined data center architecture. The latest release will also introduce showback/chargeback and budgeting capabilities via the addition of VMware vRealize Business 6 Standard to further empower infrastructure and operations teams to manage private clouds.

VMware Integrated OpenStack – A Simpler Path to OpenStack

VMware Integrated OpenStack is an OpenStack distribution that will enable organisations to quickly and cost-effectively provide developers with open, cloud-style APIs to access VMware’s enterprise-class infrastructure. VMware will package, test and support all components of the distribution, including the open source OpenStack code.

With VMware Integrated OpenStack, even IT shops with little or no OpenStack or Linux experience can be up and running with an OpenStack cloud in minutes. The solution will provide full integration with VMware’s cloud management platform, enabling customers to leverage existing VMware expertise to manage and troubleshoot an OpenStack cloud.

VMware is also announcing set of new professional services that will provide customers ready access to software development best practices to help implement OpenStack and DevOps projects successfully. VMware added a wealth of experience in designing, implementing and auto-deploying any size OpenStack cloud through its acquisition of MomentumSI, which closed in Q4 2014.

Industry Commentary

¬∑ “Beyond newfound agility, and lowered risk, Columbia Sportswear has seen a change in its business because of virtualisation. We can spin up IT environments on demand to test hypotheses and build new applications quickly enabling the business to continue to innovate. As we continue down the path of our virtualisation and hybrid cloud journey, we look forward to the added benefits that vSphere 6 has to offer.” – Carlos Tronco, lead systems engineer, Columbia Sportswear

¬∑ “We want the ability for our developers to write applications once and deploy them anywhere, regardless of the underlying infrastructure, which is why the openness of the OpenStack framework is appealing. But to roll our own OpenStack cloud from the infrastructure up would be complicated and time-consuming. With VMware Integrated OpenStack, that process literally takes the click of a mouse, which is really impressive. We like the idea of being able to combine our VMware expertise with a rich layer of open APIs to serve our developers.” – Chris Nakagaki, technical lead engineer, Cox Automotive

¬∑ “As one of the world’s foremost ballet companies, we can’t afford unplanned downtime. Thanks to our 100 percent virtualised data center using VMware vSphere, it has been easy for us to transition to the cloud for disaster recovery services from VMware vCloud Air. We find VMware vSphere 6 appealing due to the new availability and fault tolerance capabilities for protecting applications on-premises.” – Murray Bognovitz, director of information technology, San Francisco Ballet

¬∑ “Tribune Media Company is home to a diverse portfolio of television and digital properties driven by quality news, entertainment and sports programming. The latest performance, scale and consolidation features in vSphere 6 are the foundation of our technology infrastructure and support our business units continued growth.” – David Giambruno, senior vice president and chief information officer, Tribune Media Company

¬∑ “Most of our infrastructure is running on VMware, and we wanted to build a test and development environment that supported self-service for developers. We participated in the VMware Integrated OpenStack beta program and had a great experience. During our evaluation, we were able to set up a complete OpenStack environment on our production VMware clusters in less than 30 minutes. We have received great service and support from VMware so we also like the fact that our OpenStack deployment will be supported by VMware directly.” – Hendrik Nehnes, group director, IT Operations, Zanox AG.

Pricing and availability

VMware vSphere 6, VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6, VMware vCloud Suite 6 and VMware Integrated OpenStack are expected to be available in Q1 2015.

· Pricing for vSphere 6 starts at $995 per CPU.

· Pricing for vSphere with Operations Management 6 starts at $1,745 per CPU.

· Pricing for vCloud Suite 6 starts at $4,995 per CPU.

· VMware Integrated OpenStack is free for use for vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus and vCloud Suite customers. Production-level technical support for VMware Integrated OpenStack including the OpenStack open source code is optional and can be purchased separately for $200 per CPU (minimum of 50 CPUs).

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