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TomTom upgrades maps globally



TomTom today announced map updates around the globe, increasing coverage and improving features for all business customers.

TomTom’s global map database now covers over 44 million kilometres and 4.2 billion people worldwide, and features full navigable coverage for 126 countries.

TomTom’s global map footprint has expanded with the addition of more than half a million kilometres of road,” said Etienne Louw, General Manager of TomTom Africa. “These updates will support navigation, geocoding and other location-based services.

Global map enhancements include:

· The launch of navigable, turn-by-turn maps for Albania and Senegal.

· Debut of Pedestrian Maps for Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto featuring pedestrian-specific geometry, such as footpaths, garden paths and forms of way that are not accessible by car.

· Introduction of Address Points to enable better geocoding and navigation in Andorra, Denmark, Hong Kong, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Switzerland.

· The Addition of 10 million Address Points across Europe, bringing total regional coverage to 58 million.

· Extension of Voice Maps to 30 million names and over 40 million phonetic transcriptions, resulting in an improved spoken navigation experience.

New Map Input Tracker

TomTom also today launched its Map Input Tracker API, a new map feedback tool that business customers can easily integrate into their existing products and services. The API enables end-users to share map feedback quickly via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or in-dash navigation unit to contribute to high-quality maps.

With the launch of our new Map Input Tracker API, we give people the chance to share map feedback, through any connected device, wherever they are,” says Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Maps. “This API enables TomTom to shorten the time between detecting changes in the real world and updating a customer’s map.

TomTom is a global leader in smart mapmaking, and one of the first to use crowd sourcing to detect map changes. The launch of this Map Input Tracker API, combined with the recent launch of MultiNet-R, means TomTom can now deliver high quality, real-time map updates to customers faster than any other mapmaker on the market.

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