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Huawei launches X3 foldable in SA

The design of the hinge and folding experience draws inspiration from the luxurious feeling of opening and closing high-end car doors.

Huawei last night introduced South Africa its latest addition to the foldable smartphone market, the Mate X3, at a launch event in Johannesburg.

The Mate X3 is designed to cater to the needs of everyday users, offering a blend of advanced technology, appealing aesthetics, and a seamless user experience.

Building upon Huawei’s extensive research and development efforts in large-screen foldable smartphones, the Mate X3 aims to establish itself as a contender in the evolving market. While other major manufacturers have also ventured into the foldable phone space, Huawei aims to lead this market with its latest offering.

The Mate X3 boasts a sleek and lightweight design, weighing just 239g. The device strikes a balance between slimness and sturdiness, ensuring a comfortable grip for users. Its rounded, quad-curve body adds to ergonomic appeal and ease of use.

Huawei has prioritised reliability and quality in the Mate X3’s screen. Both the interior and exterior screens have undergone rigorous testing, achieving SGS dual five-star certifications for their performance and durability. The Mate X3 incorporates Huawei’s X-True technology, which enhances colour accuracy and delivers an immersive visual experience. Notably, it is the first foldable smartphone to receive dual TÜV Rheinland certifications for Color Accuracy and Precise Color Projection.

Innovative antenna designs optimise signal strength, providing users with reliable connectivity regardless of the device’s position or usage scenario.

With 5x optical zoom, Fast Snapshot, and Flex-Stop photography functions, the device’s Ultra Vision XMAGE system and XD Fusion Pro Texture Engine enhance image quality, delivering authentic details and an exceptional shooting experience.

The Mate X3 features lightweight materials and a slim profile, making it an attractive option in terms of aesthetics. The quad-curve foldable design adds an elegant touch to the overall look and sets the device apart from its competitors.

The Mate X3’s screen further enhances the user experience. It comprises a 6.4-inch 3D OLED exterior screen and a larger 7.85-inch foldable OLED screen, providing vibrant visuals with impressive colour representation. The high pixel density and adaptive refresh rate contribute to a smooth and immersive viewing experience.

Software-wise, Huawei has optimised the Mate X3 to offer seamless interactions, split-screen functionality, and efficient large-screen operations. Users can create split-screen views and switch between vertical and horizontal modes. Customised Split-Screen Combos allow for personalised configurations, while Flex-Stop Mode introduces additional features for enhanced user experiences in different scenarios.

Ultimately, it is all about the hinge.

To ensure exceptional folding reliability, Huawei has made a breakthrough in material science. The Mate X3 incorporates a 700Mpa aluminium alloy, typically used in aviation, into the realm of consumer electronics for the first time. This ultra-light, ultra-thin, and remarkably strong alloy enhances the device’s durability and longevity, setting a new standard in foldable phone construction. The wing-shaped dual-track rotating shaft greatly enhances the hinge’s reliability, providing unprecedented resistance to extrusion and deformation.

The design draws inspiration from the luxurious feeling of opening and closing high-end car doors. Extensive research on the optimal force curve for unfolding and folding has resulted in the optimisation of the entire process using a high-precision cam-drive system. The Flex-Stop mechanism ensures stability and smoothness, allowing for effortless unfolding and folding.

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