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Visit E3 in 3D

The July issue of PCFormat brings with it the second full 3D 32-page supplement published in South Africa this time providing extensive coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that kicked off in Los Angeles all in 3D.

In 2012 PCFormat brought SA the first ever full 3D supplement and this year the second edition has arrived. This year’s supplement provides readers with extensive E3 coverage.

PCFormat editor, Garth Holden, says: ‚”This year’s 3D supplement has a much higher word count to give readers as much information as possible about the games and hardware announced at the expo. There is full coverage of the conferences by Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft along with a personal tour of the show and the annual G3AR E3 awards. PCFormat attendees also got hands-on time with both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, an experience the magazine’s readers are interested in.‚”

Panorama Digital Head, Dawid Venter, says: ‚”Attending E3 this year was overwhelming, with Sony and Microsoft detailing their new consoles and games, but boy was it fun! We’re ecstatic that we’re not just providing an amazing 3D supplement this year, we’re also working on ways to help our readers experience E3 for themselves by including an E3 video tour on the monthly PCFormat DVD.‚”

PCFormat July, including the E3 supplement, is available now at all good news agents and retail stores.


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