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Veeam offers free backup

Veeam is offering data backup for free in its Community Edition of Veeam Backup & Replication. The solution can protect up to 10 virtual machines (VMs).

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With new Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition, users can closely monitor and ensure the availability of critical workloads and infrastructures by detecting issues before they have operational impact. It allows 24×7 real-time monitoring, management reporting, resource optimisation, backup infrastructure auditing, intelligent automation for fast remediation to known issues, heatmaps, agent monitoring and reporting, and backup compliance reporting.

It can be used to protect 10 VMs or a combination of VMs, cloud instances, physical servers or workstations (not to exceed 10 total instances). Users can protect very small environments, use it in a home lab, back up their newest build or use it for migrations at no cost. Examples include:

  • 10 VMs
  • 10 workstations
  • 5 VMs and 5 workstations
  • 5 VMs, one server and two workstations (one server consumes three instances)
  • 1 VM and three servers
  • 3 servers and one workstation

Use cases:

  • Protect an entire small environment
  • Protect part of a larger environment
  • Use it in a personal home lab
  • Back up a new build
  • Use it for migration use cases

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