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Time to unzombie the world – and help cure cancer

In Zombie Cure Lab, out today, your job is to lead a team of scientists in curing – not killing – the mindless creatures attacking your base. And you can help cure a real disease.

Brain munching zombies rule the world in Zombie Cure Lab, releasing today (7 December) for Windows PC.

After years of research, brave scientists have finally found an antidote that reverses the zombification progress, creating zombie-human hybrids. Find the final cure for humanity and build the perfect zombie curing facility.

At the same time, you can take part in Docking Hero, a citizen science project by Thera Bytes, the University Hospital Erlangen, and the University of Rostock. to find a cure for rare diseases by using the power of games.

The Laboratory of Systems Tumor Immunology led by Prof. Dr. Julio Vera-González is currently searching for a cure for Uveal Melanoma, a rare cancer that forms in the eye and becomes lethal when it moves to the patients’ liver.

Developing a cure takes years of analyzing data and huge amounts of money. Therefore, universities concentrate their resources and computing power on more frequently occurring diseases.

The team wants to improve this process in two ways: by handing over calculations to players, and by looking for a cure in existing drugs.

Even though Uveal Melanoma is considered a rare disease, there are estimated around 1,700 new cases every year in the United States, whereby this form of cancer has a high tendency to metastasise, resulting in high mortality.

Meanwhile, in the game itself, players construct walls and fences to provide shelter for their scientists. Set up efficient production lines to keep the treatment running and match the growing needs of the lab.

Gather resources, set day and night shifts and manage four different worker types. Prioritise and assign jobs within the lab to maximize efficiency. Keep the power running and anticipate workers’ behaviour to prevent possible outbursts of the virus in thefacilities.

Healing zombies is the goal, but first one needs to catch these zombies with fancy freezing guns. Escort well-preserved ice block zombies to the treatment chamber, from where the zombie-human hybrids – the “humbies” – emerge as new friends willing to help out. But beware, if a humbie is in a bad mood they might be erratic or even start rampaging through the lab. Keep them happy at all times, cure more to increase the workforce … and unzombie the world.

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