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TomTom ‘saves’ 13m marriages

Since the launch of the first TomTom satnav 10 years ago, the company has been helping holidaymakers find their destinations, wedding guests get to the church on time and help avoid couples avoid navigation arguments in the car.

10 years ago TomTom launched its very first satnav, the TomTom GO. Since then, 75 million navigation devices have been sold in 35 countries, helping 13 million couples avoid navigation arguments in the car.

The TomTom GO has become a trusted travel companion for millions of drivers. In the last 10 years, TomTom has helped 35 million holidaymakers find their destination, 20.4 million wedding guests get to the church on time, 16.7 million hopefuls locate a job interview and 2.9 million people navigate to their first date. TomTom satnavs have driven 280 billion kilometres, representing 700,000 years of total driving time.

With the launch of TomTom GO, we made navigation technology accessible to everyone for the very first time,” said Corinne Vigreux, Founder and Managing Director, TomTom Consumer. “We helped people to find their way, the easy way and changed how people navigate forever. But TomTom is only just getting started. Our ambition is now to help billions of drivers reach their destinations faster, every day.

Every day over 800 million people rely on TomTom to help them get to where they want to go. TomTom map, traffic and navigation technology powers apps, devices and solutions used by consumers, businesses and governments globally.

All new TomTom GO devices include TomTom Traffic, giving drivers the most accurate real-time traffic information, to reach their destinations faster.

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