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TikTok partners with IMDb

The Internet movie database will help the TikTok community link movie and TV show titles within their videos.

TikTok and IMDb, the world’s most authoritative source for information on movies and TV shows, have announced a collaboration to help the TikTok community share and discover movie and TV content and information.

TikTok has launched a feature that allows users to link to movie and TV titles directly within the videos they create to IMDb, formerly the Internet Movie Database . The link directs people to a dedicated in-app page that showcases a collection of other videos that linked to the same title and highlights essential data about the movie or TV show, provided by IMDb. The information includes top cast members, director, genre, release date, runtime, and user rating. 

Users can also add movies and TV shows to the Favorites tab of their profiles, allowing followers to access the titles’ information from IMDb. People can link up to five movies and/or TV show titles in a single video. At first, the feature is available only to users in the USA and the United Kingdom.

“TikTok’s global community of movie and TV enthusiasts is incredibly active and passionate, with more than 25-billion combined views for the hashtags #FilmTok, #MovieTok, and #TVTok,” said Grace Li, director of strategic partnerships at TikTok and ByteDance. “As we continue to find new ways to enrich the TikTok experience, this new feature, developed in collaboration with IMDb, gives our community more opportunities to discover, create, and share the content they love.”

Before publishing a video on TikTok, users will see an option to “add link.” They can then search “movie and TV” and look up any of the more than 12 million titles available on IMDb. Once they have selected their desired title(s), they can “add to video” to return to the post page. Once they “post” their video, the selected title(s) will be featured above the caption in the video. Clicking the displayed link will direct them to a page with more information about the linked title along with other videos that have tagged the same title.

TikTok’s licensing of IMDb data and information is fulfilled through AWS Data Exchange, a service that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. Essential metadata for every movie, TV, and over-the-top (OTT) series and video game title is available for licensing through IMDb via AWS Data Exchange.

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