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The smartwatches of 2015

2015 was the year that wearables really came to the fore, with various companies offering hundreds of different models. To help you choose the best smartwatch suited to your needs, Mighty Skins has listed most of them along with their features.

This year has been the year of wearables. From IFA to the fashion world, everyone is getting on board this train.  Whether you’re looking for a wrist-wearable replacement for your phone or a classic timepiece with a little something extra, today’s wearables market can provide.  But now, how to choose?

There are literally hundreds of smartwatches, smart jewelry, and fitness trackers out there, all with different features and capabilities.  To help you out, we gathered up all the information we could find on all the smartwatches we could find and put it into this handy chart.

Most of these models are not available in South Africa, and all prices are given in $USD, to provide a consistent comparison. Most can be ordered via various online services.

Starting at the top with the $2,300 Kairos SSW with a connected T-band, the watches listed get more affordable as you move toward the bottom, where you’ll find several options for less than $100.  We’ve only included wearables that fit into the category of “smartwatch”  meaning they can provide at least basic smartphone-related communications (text and call alerts, calendar alerts) and can tell you the time.  For other functions, check out the key at the bottom to find your favorite features or just find your price range and choose the one with the most.  Of course, some of this information can be hard to find and different sources sometimes say different things, but we think this will give you a great place to start in your quest for the perfect smartwatch.



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