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The Ferrari of notebooks



When we say the Acer 3000 is the Ferrari of notebooks, we literally mean, it IS the Ferrari of notebooks. In fact, it’s got the Ferrari insignia, sports a bright red shell and generally looks flashier, faster and sexier than the rest. SEAN BACHER takes the new Ferrari 3000 around the track.

Nope. Unfortunately you are first going to have to charge the batteries and go through the Microsoft Windows XP registration process.

The notebook itself is quite easy to use. Situated above the full QWERTY keyboard are quick-launch buttons for your mail program and Internet browser. There are also two programmable buttons for your frequently used applications. We also found activating the Bluetooth and wireless connection rather simple: situated on the front of the machine are two labeled buttons to turn the connections on and off. As for the software side of things, it’s Windows XP Home Edition and novice users should have no problems finding their way around. Should they get stuck though, there is always the Help option on the Start menu as well as a vast amount of online help.

Once the machine is set up and the engine roaring, you can be guaranteed it’s going to keep on roaring. Using it is an absolute pleasure and we found everything to work first time, every time. We were especially content with the Ferrari branded notebook mouse that is included with the machine ‚ this alone should be reason enough to buy the machine.

The sheer brightness and Ferrari emblem is innovative enough for us. After all, how many bright red notebooks have you seen in your lifetime? We also found the four-in-one memory card reader to be quite a novel idea ‚ it saves so much time and makes transferring images simpler, better and faster.

Unfortunately the Ferrari 3000 gets a big thumbs-down in this division. We felt that, as with any Ferrari branded gear, you will be paying a substantial extra amount for the name and logo. The fact that there are only 1 000 available in South Africa also gives us the impression that the notebook is aimed at the elite few ‚ the elite few with R19 999 to throw around.

The Ferrari 3000 notebook is available exclusively though Incredible Connection outlets countrywide. Contact their Woodmead branch on (011) 806-8400.

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