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Revel with the DFI LanParty

You can tell a lot people by their computers. As with cars, where some just want to get from A to B while others spend every free moment fitting extra bits that go unnoticed to everyone else, so with computers. ADAM MEGENS hooks up with the new DFI LanParty motherboard and discovers what it’s like to get under the hood‚Ķ

Unfortunately not: The board does require some assembly time. The package includes a well-illustrated manual to aid you in your endeavour. Assembly of the unit is not something to be attempted lightly. Although a novice should be able to cope with the aid of the instruction manual, I would recommend that a first-timer seek some supervision.

With the aid of so many monitoring devices, LEDs and self-diagnostics, the PRO875 is pretty much as easy it gets. But easy-to-use does not correlate to any lack of performance. The system as it arrives out of the box is very quick and has the stability you would expect from a precision driver.

The PRO875 is a product that covers every base and takes every aspect of customer demands into consideration. The base product is very impressive as it stands, but as no mechanic’s car is ever fast enough, similarly no computer freak’s PC is ever finished. There are always new products hitting the market and DFI have taken that into consideration. They have provided the capacity for the user to add on and customise as he or she goes along.

The PRO875 does score a few brownie points in this respect, but mainly in the design department. Obviously there is nothing revolutionary about a PC motherboard, so it seems DFI have decided to take the source product back to the drawing board and modernize it with an edge. The result is a motherboard that offers an advantage for every user, whatever their requirements may be.

The DFI LanParty PRO875 retails for R1 795. Now obviously there are motherboards available for less than half of that, but (and that’s a very big BUT) it is imperative that you consider the relativity of the prices. If you decide to go with an R800 motherboard, you will get an R800 motherboard. The PRO875 offers all the benefits of the latest advances the PC world has to offer, along with al the bells, whistles and LEDs.

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