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Synthesia brings AI video to business

A new version includes personal avatars, AI Video Assistant, and AI Screen Recorders.

Synthesia, a British generative AI video company, has unveiled the 2.0 version of its video communications platform for workplace communication and collaboration. This AI-powered platform simplifies video production and distribution, helping businesses smoothly adopt a video-first strategy.

Over 55,000 businesses, including half of the Fortune 100, use Synthesia for communication and large-scale knowledge sharing with AI avatars. It has created over 10-million videos for employee training, customer support, sales, and marketing.

New products and features include:

  • Personal Avatars are a new type of AI avatars that can be created using a webcam or phone’s camera in less than five minutes.
  • A new generation of full-body, fully-controllable AI avatars coming later this year which will be able to interact with their environment and share information.
  • A tool called AI Video Assistant which converts an entire knowledge base of text resources (PDFs, Word documents, etc.) into a library of video summaries created with the right brand elements such as an organization’s custom fonts, colors or logos 
  • A new product called AI Screen Recorder that allows anyone to turn screen recordings into beautiful video presentations, powered by AI avatars 
  • A new video player that can offer personalized and real-time, interactive experiences, including the ability to automatically watch a video in your preferred language

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