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SupPlant reduces water usage, increases crop yield

Artificial intelligence-powered sensors in a device called the SupPlant can increase a farmer’s crop yield and reduce water usage.

SupPlant, a precision agriculture hardware-software solution, uses agronomic (crop science) algorithms, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to assist South African farmers in  two goals: increasing crop yield and reducing water usage. 

SupPlant says it has been able to decrease water usage by 37% in apple crops, increased lemon yield by 60%, and Macadamia nuts have been increased by 21%. All these numbers have been realised on South African farms.  

SupPlant’s sensors monitor the plant stress, crop growth patterns, real-time and forecast climatic data.  All these are uploaded to an algorithm in the cloud every 30 minutes, and this creates precise irrigation decisions, determined autonomously.  

One of the main challenges to farmers in South Africa is the weather. By changing the basic concept of irrigation methods, using all SupPlant’s data, this technology is saving water, reducing costs, and improving productivity, plant resilience and yield. 

Frost and Sullivan has described SupPlant as “The first technology that manages irrigation autonomously on scientific growing information without any actions needed by the farmer. By using its GBI and irrigating according to a plant’s individual needs, farmers can achieve an increase in yields while reducing water consumption significantly.” 

SupPlant, an Israeli technology, has partnered with Nulandis in South Africa to serve the agricultural sector. SupPlant is active in 14 other countries and has expertise in 31 crops. 

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