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Star Wars inspires new Mustang

How do you make an iconic product relevant to a new generation? Ford combined the Mustang with an icon of science-fiction, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



The new Mustang includes a number of advanced features that other high-end vehicles have embraced on the road to a self-driving future, and a few that are unique to the Mustang:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control and Distance Alert: helps drivers maintain an appropriate distance from the vehicle ahead. When that vehicle slows down, so does the Mustang, if it gets closer than a safe following distance.
  • Pre-Collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection: designed to reduce the severity of frontal collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians. In some cases, it can even prevent such collisions, partly through sounding an alarm when a potential impact is detected.
  • Lane-Keeping Aid, applies torque – car-speak for additional force – to the steering wheel to steer the vehicle back into its lane.
  • Lane Departure Warning, warns drivers when they unintentionally drift out of lane – detected when the car crosses a lane divider without the driver signalling intention to do so.
  • Real-time adaptive shift-scheduling, allows the transmission to adapt to changing conditions and select the right gear in any situation. Steering wheel-mounted paddle-shifters also give drivers more physical control.
  • Active Valve Performance Exhaust technology, allows drivers to adjust the intensity of the Mustang’s exhaust note to suit their mood and the driving scenario. It also reveals the Mustang designers’ sense of humour: they have introduced a “Good Neighbour Mode” that can be programmed to limit the exhaust noise at set times of day to avoid disturbing neighbours.

The infotainment and dashboard screens include a customisable, digital, 12-inch LCD instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The cluster configuration automatically changes depending on current Drive Mode, and can be set to display a range of gauges in any of seven colours.

An 8-inch touch-screen in the centre of the console features Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, which offers smartphone connectivity, navigation, climate control and voice commands. It connects to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on handsets, giving drivers or passengers access to Siri and Google Assistant via the car.

Technology enhancements even extend to the instantly recognisable three-dimensional tri-bar tail lights: they now feature LED technology, as do the headlights, daytime running lights, and indicators. The front headlight bezels also take their inspiration from Star Wars: they have also been restyled to reflect the trapezoidal shape of the upper grille.

In other words, one could say, Darth Vader has come over to the light.

* Arthur Goldstuck is founder of World Wide Worx and editor-in-chief of Follow him on Twitter and Instagram on @art2gee

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AppDate: A security boost for schools

In his latest app round-up, SEAN BACHER features Karri, ChatBack, Charge Running, Bookings Africa and HomeChoice.




With large amounts of cash and very little security, schools are now becoming an easy target for criminals. Numerous schools across the country have already been raided, with several serious incidents and even fatalities.

In partnership with Nedbank, Karri has introduced a mobile payment app to address this growing problem. The app enables parents to send money securely to their child’s school. Hundreds of schools countrywide are using Karri, with most now refusing to accept cash payments from parents.

The app offers a simple alternative to children bringing cash to school by allowing parents to make payments via an app on their smartphone. It is free for parents to use and there are no hidden costs or sign-up fees for the school.

Platform: Android and iOS

Expect to pay: A free download

Stockists: Visit Karri here for downloading instructions.

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ParkUpp is here to sell your unused parking spot



Prop-tech startup ParkUpp is helping residents and property owners to make some extra cash from their unused parking. This is proving to be a winner for JanuWorry, the month that often brings financial stress post the December holidays for many individuals and businesses across South Africa.

ParkUpp already has over 4500 listings on its platform, predominantly in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They include The Union Castle building owned by Izandla Properties, Design Quarter on William Nicol Drive, along with other commercial and residential parking facilities.

The app has also been awarded some accolades from property industry incumbents such as the Women’s Property Network (WPN) for Young Achiever’s category and South African Institute of Black Property Professionals (SAIBPP) for Disruptor of the Year. Also headed to Silicon Valley for a two week bootcamp with Kingson Capital, a South African based Venture Capital firm.

This award winning platform not only creates extra income from empty parking spaces, it also decreases drivers’ anxiety of parking in unsafe space and also saves them a buck. In the Cape Town CBD, with over 45% cars parked on-street: paying an average of R18/hour, amounting to R2880 a month, ParkUpp users are able to save up to 50% by renting out a parking for R1500.

ParkUpp co-founder Michael Savvides says home owners or businesses often get frustrated when they find someone illegally parked in their bay. “Instead of being frustrated, list your parking during the times it is unused for people to park in your space legally. No one really wants to knock on someone’s door to ask for parking so our platform is removing that uncomfortable feeling.”

“We create trust between owners and drivers through our vetting processes. We save drivers 50% on parking costs and generate extra income for the owners and we also provide access to spaces that were previously inaccessible,” he explains.

“Our current focus is to increase occupancy rate for the listing parking bays, businesses and individuals who need parking can visit the platform to make a booking or suggest a location where you need parking,” he concludes.

As a driver, should you not find your preferred parking, email the team with suggested locations at in order for them to find you safe, secure and affordable parking for you.

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