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#SocialMediaSA – the tweenote

World Wide Worx And Fuseware released its South African Social Media Landscape 2011 study on 26 October 2011. The findings have been distilled into a Tweenote Presentation: 10 tweets that capture the essence of the findings. By ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK

Arthur Goldstuck (@art2gee) conceived the idea of a tweenote (also referred to as a TweetNote) presentation in 2009, and has delivered presentations via Twitter at press conferences, industry events and from a car park.

The following is a tweenote presentation titled ‚SA Social Media 2011 ‚ Tweeted‚ , presented on Twitter on 26 October 2011. For background to the research, visit

#tweenote 1. Social media has become 4th pillar of Internet use in SA, along with e-mail, news, and banking. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 2. Twitter has reached 1.1-million users in South Africa. 420 000 tweet: most others only watch. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 3. LinkedIn will surprise many: it also has 1.1-million SA users ‚ but only 83% growth in past year. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 4. The biggest sectors on LinkedIn are Finance and Hi-tech: Online Media among lowest growth. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 5. Facebook had 4.2m SA users as at August (now 4.5m). But only 3.2-million used it in past year. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 6. Facebook has reached only 8.7% of the South African population, but 80.7% of SA Internet users. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 7. MXit has about 10m active SA users, 40k new users every day, but pre-paid driven churn is high. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 8. 76% of males on MXit and 73% of females aged 18 or over. Male/female split is 52.5%-47.5% #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 9. Here’s the most startling number: 600 000 blogs based in SA. A third are dead, but 8% very active. #SocialMediaSA

#tweenote 10. Youth have highest intentions of joining networks, but age-curve flattens as network matures. #SocialMediaSA

That was a #tweenote presentation: a research presentation in 10 tweets, from World Wide Worx and @Fuseware. Thanks for following.

* Click here to read the full article.

* Follow Arthur on Twitter on @art2gee

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