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Smartphone or tablet? Or both!

As the market awaits the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note, PAULO FERREIRA, Head of Mobile Product and Business Solutions at Samsung, sets the scene for a new format.

There’s been substantial growth in smartphone use worldwide. The International Data Corporation (IDC)* indicated that 305 million devices were shipped in 2010 and projected that this year’s shipments will hit 472 million – a growth rate of 55%. IDC now expects the number of smartphones to grow at an annual rate of 26% a year through 2015. The same can be said for tablets. With the entrance of competitive new devices in the second half of 2011, IDC** predicts the market will sell close to 53 million units for the year and continue to grow long-term.

Such growth is promising and certainly the possibilities that both the tablet and smartphone market have to offer are endless.

But what if you are looking for something in between? What if you could combine core on-the-go benefits of various mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability to create a whole new user experience?

Such a hybrid device would ideally combine the features of a Tablet PC and a Smartphone – from brilliance of display to multimedia features, user interface to memory features. It would be lighter, thinner, bigger and brighter ‚ combining the functionality of a tablet, while still retaining the traditional cellphone capabilities ‚ just smarter.

We have created a new category of product, developed through Samsung’s deep consumer understanding and insight. The next evolution in mobile technology is on its way to South Africa in the next two weeks ‚ watch this space.

*Android is smartphone king globally, tough fight on for No2 spot, IDC, 2011

**Worldwide quarterly media tablet and ereader tracker, IDC, 2011

* The Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3″ device has been announced on the Samsung web site, although not yet officially released. For more information, visit

* “

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