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Share videos – and video-making

A new start-uo called JumpCam has raised $2,7-million to take shared video-making to a higher level. LIRON SEGEV tries out their app.

Today’s maxim is ‚”if it wasn’t shared to Facebook, wasn’t Tweeted nor Instagrammed then did it really happen?‚” Social networking is so integrated in our lives that we dare not purchase a phone that does not have social apps to feed our sharing hunger while on the move. With the advent of YouTube, VINE and Instagram Video, there is a move towards video sharing too. Everyone is now a Spielberg/ or a CNN reporter.

A new start-up called JumpCam has taken a different view on social sharing of video clips. Their view is that clips should not be shot by one person and then shared for the rest to watch and consume. Rather, video clips should be dynamically and jointly created by the social group A crowd-sourcing of video if you will.

While this is not the first video social app we have seen, it has some serious muscle behind it. It has raised $2.7 million in a Series A round led by Trinity Ventures and Google Ventures, which specialise in raising early stage venture capital. The company is run by nine people (and two pugs) with serious experience in video and social space, including Apple, YouTube, Disney, Yahoo and Google.

How does JumpCam work ?

JumpCam allows you to create a video clip, then ask your friends and followers to create their own clip to add and join onto yours. Each clip is up to 10 seconds long and there could be up to 29 contributors making up one video clip. Once the individual clips are submitted, they are spliced together to form one collaborative video. The app has built in editing features such as applying filters and adding background music tracks. Once it is complete, you add a title and use the traditional hashtags to tag your clip so that people can find it and comment.

JumpCam is all about sharing and the clips are not restricted just to the app, but can be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. As the clips are dynamic and can change as more contributors join in, should the clip be changed, there is no need to repost it as the original clip will automatically be updated to the latest version.

The app is simple to use and users of Vine or Intsagram will easily be able to work out what goes where. There are Followers, Explore, Profile, Comments, Likes and Hashtags as all good social apps should have.


I would like to see a few changes in the app:

1. Have an option to have nickname in the profile. This makes it easy to find your friends and brands

2. Untick all the default options that post on your behalf to Facebook…naughty naughty.

3. Add a description to the profile so its not so stale. We like to know who people are and what they do.

How do you say?

Here is an example of someone who posted a simple question: In English how do you say… JumpCam users from all over the world posted their clips saying the English word to form this one cool little clip. Amazing to hear the various accents and how a seemingly obvious word can sound so different depending on where you come from.

Now the only problem is getting your friends to join in… if you are on JumpCam, my username is Liron Segev Рlook me up and lets shoot some vids!

Download the app and for more info, check out the JumpCam website:

* Follow Liron Segev, aka The Techie Guy, on his blog at, or on Twitter at @Liron_Segev

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