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Secure ‘n Go for SMEs

Businesses of all sizes need to deal with the IT security threats. But what do smaller companies that don’t have a dedicated IT professional do? Verbatum thinks it has the answer.

IT security threats grow and evolve every day, and some of them have the potential to cripple a business. All companies, including small businesses, should have measures in place to protect their systems against malicious content such as viruses and spyware, and data leakage.

For small businesses and professionals that do not have a dedicated in-house IT administrator handling IT security, the dilemma is to find a solution that addresses their security requirements, without being cumbersome and time-consuming to manage.

Verbatim’s Secure ‚ Go Small Business Security Pack, launched in January this year, offers a complete and easy-to-use solution incorporating data encryption and endpoint protection. With its security controller-based hardware, it delivers high-level security for files, making it a reliable security storage device for organisations and professionals who may not have a full time IT administrator.

The solution consists of two essential elements: a 256bit Hardware Encrypted USB Drive and Endpoint Protection Software. While the 256bit AES hardware encrypted USB drive ensures that all data saved on it is 100% secure, the embedded endpoint protection software only allows approved devices access to download or upload data to or from a computer.

This helps protect companies from data theft or data leakage, making it ideal for small firms or professionals who handle confidential data, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, tax consultants etc.

The solution also shields companies from other threats posed by unauthorised portable devices such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, iPods or digital cameras being connected to company computers.

‚With our Secure ‚ Go Small Business Security Pack, small companies and professionals can rest assured that their computers are protected against viruses and other malicious code transmitted via email and peripheral devices like iPods and USB flash drives.

‚At the same time, they are able to control what type of peripheral devices can be used on company computers as well as the actions that can be taken with these devices. For instance, companies can make it impossible for files and data to be downloaded onto a CD or USB drive. This helps prevent the theft or loss of critical business information,‚ says Manny Cross, Manager – Sub Sahara Africa at Verbatim.

The Endpoint Protection Software is easy to handle, quick to install and intuitive to use. The default setting forces all users of the company computer system to only use secure USB drives with the system. The company can also customise the settings to suit their requirements.

The secure USB drive is a convenient and reliable security storage device which can be used for a wide range of business purposes similar to any standard USB drive. However, due to the obligatory password and the fact that the hardware of the drive is managed by a security controller, all the data stored on the drive is encrypted, ensuring complete protection from unauthorised viewing. The Security Pack is available now with 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of storage capacity.

Key features include:

• Built-in 256bit hardware encryption

• Mandatory password entry

• Embedded endpoint protection software

• 4GB, 8GB, 16GB storage capacity

Other features of the software include:

¬∑ File Tracing ‚ The software records which files are written or read from portable storage devices, enabling the company to analysis who has accessed what.

· Email notification РIf there is an attempt to connect an unauthorized device to a protected PC, the administrator can be notified via email.

¬∑ Network ‚offline‚ capability – When a PC (e.g. a notebook) is disconnected from the local network, the USB endpoint protection will remain, working as configured. The e-mail notifications are sent when next connected to the network.

¬∑ Easy-to-use multilingual user interface for fast setup ‚ In English, German and French.


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