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The car that became an app

The new Renault Frendzy is a concept car designed to integrate with the BlackBerry PlayBook – plug in the tablet, and it transforms the car into an office on wheels.

Renault has announced the details of its latest concept eclectic car, Renault Frendzy.

With the BlackBerry PlayBook integrated into its latest concept, the Frendzy becomes an innovative office on wheels, perfectly doubling up as a commercial vehicle and a comfortable passenger car, ideal for both business and pleasure.

For business users on the road, the BlackBerry PlayBook simply plugs into the dashboard, delivers advanced performance, uncompromised web browsing, with support for Adobe Flash, HD multimedia and advanced security features and out of the box enterprise support. A concept designed under the leadership of Laurens van den Acker, the Frendzy and BlackBerry PlayBook collaboration is particularly well suited to neighbourhood deliveries and local craftsmen, for whom it is a genuine work tool, both inside and outside of the vehicle Connecting directly into the centre console, its 7 inch touchscreen is easy to operate and as soon as it is plugged in, becomes an integral element of the vehicle, configuring itself into the Renault environment, but also allowing work to continue when the device is removed.

BlackBerry PlayBook also plays an important role in the customization of the vehicle, transforming the exterior screen and controlling useful messages or information and can also be used as a mobile advertising board, either while parked or on the move.

Come the weekend, the vehicle transforms itself into a family vehicle, with a comfortable passenger seat and, in the rear, a big bench seat. Children can watch a film or play games on the touch-sensitive pad which slides out from the back of the driver’s seat. They can even draw on a special slate integrated into the sliding door.


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