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Samsung V200C

Samsung is a brand most people associate with consumer durables and consumer electronics, and of late the company is fast making inroads into the cellular market. Currently Samsung is really giving market giants such as Nokia and Motorola a run for their money.

As with any phone, the V200C’s batteries are completely flat when you unpack them. However if you’re eager to start playing with it, stick in your SIM, plug in the charger and switch it on. You make and receive calls right away, you can also send SMSs. If however you want to start browsing the ‚Net or downloading some new applications, you are going to have to sit yourself down and get ready to start setting up gateways, usernames and passwords.

Well if you’ve ever used a Nokia phone in your life you will have no problems at all. The menu layout is almost identical and the animated menu items will keep you entertained for hours. Taking photos is as easy as with any camera, just switch over to camera mode, aim, zoom if you need to and snap away. The Samsung V200C is capable of saving up to 100 pictures, however if you run out of space, download the images to your computer, delete them off the phone and carry on snapping away.

A lot of people may say a cellphone is a cellphone. Well this is definitely not the case with the Samsung V200C. Take for instance the built-in camera. Sure a lot of phones these days have them, but if you compare the quality of a photo from the V200C to that of any other phone’s photo, you will see a difference immediately. Also quite innovative on the camera side of things is its capability to zoom up to four times. No other phone as yet has a zoom function. Lets hope the next model comes out with a built-in flash!

A the moment the V200C’s price tag is a little high if you purchase it without a contract. But you can be sure that the service providers will be including them with contracts very soon.

For a retailer nearest you, contact Samsung on (011) 549-1500.

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