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Samsung rolls out 2012 range for Africa

for Africa

Samsung has unveiled its new 2012 range of tablets, phones, cameras and other devices and appliances at the Samsung Africa Forum, under way in Cape Town.

Embracing its new guiding philosophy of ‚Built for Africa – Inspire the Future‚ the company shared its strategy to expand its African market and deliver connectivity and content across multiple devices ‚ from TVs, mobile phones, tablets, Notebook PCs, cameras and home appliances.

‚At our very first Africa Forum, in 2010, I announced the plan to grow our business in Africa to $10 billion by 2015, as measured by the sales of our partners – and today, I am pleased to announce that we are well on track to meet this objective. This year, not only will we continue to maintain growth in key regions, but so too are focused on targeting growth of 100% in West, East and Southern Africa,‚ says KK Park, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa. ‚Over the next 3 ‚ 4 years this growth will be underpinned by a focus on 3 key premises: Built for Africa research and development: B2B and B2G partnerships supported by key CSR initiatives and of course, growing and strengthening our partner network across Africa to reach our core mission ‚ to inspire the future of Africa!‚

1. Built for Africa research and development:

Samsung believes in investing in developing technology that is specifically relevant to the African market – technology that meet the needs of the African people’s local environment: to live lives that are easier, healthier, and more connected. In this way, Samsung inspires the future of the African consumer electronics industry, and serves as a signpost towards how it will evolve in the future. Through our Hope for Youth program, we have taken part in activities such as The Samsung Engineering Academies for African students. Furthermore, for younger students, we are building solar-powered Internet schools that can bring advanced education technology to communities. In this way, Samsung inspires future generations of African youth.

2. Business to business and Business to Government partnerships:

Samsung has been at the forefront of the information technology revolution and Africa is a hub for technological innovation and uptake given that in the last few years it has leap-frogged the age of fixed lines, and instead embraced the age of wireless communications. Samsung as a business is prepared to help African businesses and governments build the efficient and technology driven infrastructure that is necessary to succeed in coming years and of course understands the core of these business models in increasing efficiencies while providing solid technological opportunity. In this way, Samsung inspires the whole community with its latest IT technology.

3. Partner network growth and expansion:

Samsung cannot be strong in Africa without strong partners and therefore, we are deeply committed to growing the capacity of our dealers and distributors in Africa. This means we will provide training and the correct tools for our sales channel as well as ensure that our actions guarantee the long-term growth of the Samsung brand in Africa. Furthermore, we have an ambitious retail strategy to increase our market penetration in Africa and to increase Samsung’s retail presence, with more branded shops, mobile plazas and service centres. In this way, Samsung inspire a sustainable future for both its partners and itself.

‚Through this strategic approach, we will look to fast track growth across the continent and today is yet another step in our approach to delivering innovation on the African continent ‚ displayed through our key technologies and product portfolio,‚ states Park.

Smarter devices for everyone

In 2011, Samsung achieved #1 position in market share in the smartphone category and have continued to expand its device portfolio as well as the GALAXY range. The GALAXY S II set a new record for Samsung, generating more than 20 million sales in 10 months since its launch – quicker than any other mobile device developed by Samsung in its history ‚ and for 2012 the company is aiming to build on this momentum. Furthermore, with devices, particularly derived from the needs of the African consumer, such as the likes of the GALAXY Pocket and Ch@t 222 ‚ Samsung is well positioned to capitalise on the African market ‚ bringing the power of Samsung technology to a wider audience.

Smart TV and AV: Ultimate Quality

For 2012, Samsung has pushed the boundaries of home entertainment to meet the needs and challenges of its consumers. The company unveiled its 2012 international product innovations under three guiding pillars: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution. The new family of products offers more content, smarter interfaces, intuitive controls, incredible picture quality and stunning design. And all this is coupled into a unique African offering.

Samsung have considerably increased sales year-on-year within the African market, through leading retailers in region, and will continue to demonstrate this type of growth on the continent, by not only providing affordable, quality offerings aligned to the broader brand, but by bringing key features into the African product portfolio ‚ naming SurgeSafe+ for humidity, energy efficiency and lightening protection, as well as Free Satellite TV.

In addition, Samsung release The Afro-POP Home Theatre System – a sound solution that epitomises the undertones of true African musicality. Afro pop mode, a sound built from African sounds, has been developed through the EQ tuning of a sound optimised equaliser – undertaken by leading African celebrity, Don Jazzy.

Smart Camera Technology

The shift from analogue to digital imaging has never been so evident than with today’s culture of instantly capturing, uploading and sharing photos with friends and family. To make this process more accessible, convenient and fast, Samsung introduced a full line of Smart cameras and camcorders with the new Smarttechnology. It’s more than just smart technology ‚ it’s about inspiring a simpler and more enjoyable camera experience that opens up completely new photographic possibilities to Samsung’s customers ‚ those that are tailored to the African market.

New Generation of Home Appliances offering Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Space

For 2012, Samsung will expand the use of innovative features in its home appliances. The company is approaching this by investing in the development and launch of new products that inspire a different mindset about Eco Technology, Space and a Smart Future. It is with this in mind that Samsung have developed a product range that epitomises functional design and technology for African consumers ‚ The Samsung DuraCool range ‚ which boast a range of functions that ensure the preservation of food stuff, both fridge and frozen goods, for much longer periods from that of conventional refrigeration.

Powerful Technology

Enhanced security, accessibility, flexibility and efficiency ‚ all aspects that a business requires from their core technology today. Samsung, in line with the brand’s focus on the Business-to-Business segment, is the ideal resource for corporate mobile solutions, offering comprehensive enterprise devices that deliver capabilities above and beyond standard platform features.

In addition to showcasing the company’s B2B capabilities, together with Intel, Samsung announced the Samsung Classbook 100N ‚ an integrated hardware and software solution to meet the need of education and continued access to and development of IT skills and infrastructure across Africa.

‚Putting our African customers’ requirements first, means taking relevant steps ‚ even if one at a time – to ensure the highest level of product compatibility and service is maintained. This is a key business imperative for us and one we will continue to drive into 2012 and beyond. Let me emphasise again Samsung’s commitment, and belief in, the African market ‚ it is this kind of passion which recently lead to Samsung being named the most valuable electronics brand in Africa by Brand Africa. The Samsung brand is all about leadership, innovation, relationships and integrity and we are committed to driving each of these pillars into our African outreach ‚ inspiring new directions. Furthermore, we have a long history of doing business in Africa, but we plan on having an even longer future. Let’s work together, to make this future as inspired as possible,‚ concludes Park.

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