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Samsung clears the air

Samsung Electronics has introduced new digital air solutions: the Jungfrau, DVM PlusIV and the Eco-Heating Solution, both designed to reduce energy consumption, and still provide the necessary functionalities expected from an air solutions product.

The main objective of this range is to provide access for the market to an innovative and comprehensive digital air solutions portfolio that looks at heating, cooling and air modification as a service – within both smaller and large scale environments.

‚Samsung’s Digital Air Solutions products are designed to help businesses and consumers save money while also leading comfortable, healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyles‚ says Michael Mckechnie, Business Leader: Digital Air Solutions, Samsung South Africa. ‚The launch of these three products builds on our current product portfolio and of course offers us a unique opportunity to provide the market with a solutions-based air conditioning offering ‚ meeting all business and personal requirements in this regard.‚ These products cater to a wide range of audiences: from home offices all the way to large scale environments e.g. hotels and warehouses.

Below is a detailed outline on the different products in this regard as well as an overview of their key features and functionality.

The sophisticated, sleek contender – Jungfrau

The Jungfrau, suitable for home, home office and office environments due to its luxurious design and quality finish, not only reduces energy consumption by up to a massive 80% but also offers a fresher, healthier environment within which to live and work. The Jungfrau, through the Smart Inverter, allows consumers to save energy whether the device is on or off. For example, when the unit is turned off, an improved control board consumes low dosages of energy that uses no standby power and saves consumers up to 90% more energy than conventional air conditioners. Additionally, through its enhanced Double Cleaning purifying system, the high density filtration process removes up to 90% microscopic dust particles and viruses from the air. Finally, a unique feature to The Jungfrau system is Samsung’s dynamic 3D Wind technology, which evenly distributes airflow through a room, allowing users a cooler environment in a short amount of time, maximising the environmental and efficiency benefits of this unit.

The Industrial solution – DVM Plus IV

Boasting a double fan system that increases the airflow rate by 30%, the DVM Plus IV is perfectly suited to large scale environments such as hotels, warehouses and office buildings. What’s more, the unit is not only 38% lighter than conventional models but reduces footprint space, as typically used by units of this power, by a massive 41%.

Another first to market feature, the DVM Plus IV has a multi-step diagnose function which includes: a sensor check, operation status check, major parts check, valve check and a data back-up. Therefore at any point, should the outdoor unit malfunction, the self-diagnose function will automatically diagnose the problem and recover the last 30 minutes of operational data, ensuring that the product never stops working. Additionally, this device offers a low ambient heating performance with its improved heat exchanger, PHE cooler and vapour injection compressor.

The High Efficiency three-in-one solution – Eco Heating Solution

Samsung EHS is an all-in-one system with highly efficient heat pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temperature and your heating and cooling costs low all year round! This economical and ecological system not only lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions, but also provides various combinations of air and water solutions for heating and cooling that meet different user needs during the four seasons. The EHS solutions provides the following core benefits:

– Running Costs-Reduction of Up to 33.3% – Samsung EHS, known for its world class efficiency (11kW floor heating system with COP of 4.55), can reduce 33.3% of your running costs as compared to a gas boiler.

– Price and Space Reduction of Up to 50% – With an all-in-one outdoor unit capable of both air-to-water and air-to-air functions, Samsung EHS saves you in terms of the low initial purchase price & installation fee as well as the space needed for an extra outdoor unit.

‚ This product launch is well aligned to our promise of enabling businesses and individuals to harness the power of smart products ‚ those that go beyond consumer expectations and of course, meet the specific and dynamic requirements of the market ‚ where they not only are innovative but also enable a positive contribution to the environment and continue to promote environmental savviness in today’s consumers,‚ concludes Mckechnie.


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