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Samsung releases 256GB microSD

Samsung recently unveiled the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card, which it claims offers the highest storage volume for a microSD card in its class.

Samsung Electronics South Africa has unveiled the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card, which offers the highest volume for a microSD card in its class. It promises fast speeds and expanded memory storage for use in premium smartphones, tablets, 360-degree video recorders, action cameras and drones.

Samsung provided the following information:

The EVO Plus 256GB raises the bar for capacity of microSD cards, thanks to Samsung’s advanced V-NAND technology, offering high read and write speeds of up to 95MB/s and 90MB/s, respectively. This level of performance will provide general consumers and professionals with superb user convenience for storing heavy-loaded, high-resolution photography and 4K video recording, as well as graphic intensive multimedia like virtual reality (VR) and gaming.

“With the upward trend of consumers using high-performance, high-capacity mobile devices, our new, V-NAND-based 256GB microSD card solution allows us to deliver the memory card consumers have been longing for,” said Mike van Lier, Director of Enterprise Business Division at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

The EVO Plus 256GB microSD card also provides advanced protection along with the long-term reliability needed to get the most out of today’s electronics, making it an ideal companion for high-end smartphones and tablets with a microSD slot, even in the most extreme conditions.

Samsung will offer the EVO Plus 256GB microSD card with a limited 10-year warranty in more than 50 countries, including the USA, Europe, China, South Africa and other regions.

“We are staying ahead of the industry with the next generation of microSD cards, providing consumers with capacity and performance. We are excited to offer our customers convenient and seamless multimedia experiences when they access, store and share all of the content they create and capture,” concludes van Lier.

Key Features and Specifications


Samsung EVO Plus 256GB


256GB of content storage

  • Up to 55 200 photos
  • Up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video
  • Up to 33 hours of full HD video
  • Up to 46 hours of HD video
  • Up to 23 500 MP3 files/songs

Samsung 4-Proof Features

  • Waterproof (IEC 60529, IPX7)
  • Temperature-proof
  • X-ray-proof
  • Magnetic-proof

Transfer Speeds

Read and write speeds of up to 95MB/s and 90MB/s, respective

Speed Class

UHS-1, Class 10

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