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Samsung brings Wireless 360 speakers to SA

Samsung its Wireless Audio 360⁰ speakers to the South African market. The speaker uses the company’s Ring Radiator technology to to deliver crisp and clear sound quality wherever you are in the room.

Unlike traditional audio products that project sound from one direction, the Wireless Audio 360⁰ delivers sound evenly in all directions thanks to the Ring Radiator. This ring-shaped structure synthesises the different audio components such as passage of sound, acoustic lens and the location of the speaker units to evenly spread the music coming out of the speakers. While it does this, Samsung’s state-of-the-art Compression Driver simultaneously compresses and reflects sound that travels forward, emitting sound in all directions. Add to this Samsung’s optimal acoustic lens that amplifies sound like a loudspeaker and the result is the highest quality sound dispersed evenly throughout any room, of any size and shape, without distortion and noise.


“The Samsung Wireless Audio 360⁰ was created through rigorous research and development, based on the way people consume music,” says Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “Samsung wanted to make listening to music in the home more seamless and the Wireless Audio 360⁰ accomplishes this by combining exciting new sound technology with a premium look and feel to offer an unrivalled immersive audio experience.”

Last year, Samsung’s release of a portfolio of Curved SoundBar and Multiroom Audio products created an entirely new category in the audio market by providing the flexibility to connect and listen to music uninterrupted through wireless networks. The Wireless Audio 360⁰ continues Samsung’s immense innovation in audio products and is available in two models: the WAM7500, a standing model with a deeper bass and the portable WAM6500, a location free speaker that delivers unmatched sound balance and quality inside and outside the home.

The Wireless Audio 360⁰ range seamlessly connects to Samsung TVs, sound bars and mobile devices to create the ultimate in-home entertainment experience. Samsung’s new Multiroom App 2.0 makes it possible to share music across connected devices in the home, while its user interface simplifies and transforms the listening experience. The new and upgraded version of the Multiroom App is available on both Android and iOS, so that users can enjoy their favourite music on multiple Wi-Fi-connected devices. The new App boasts an improved user interface with a new central dial wheel for more intuitive navigation and custom queue lists can now be browsed easily with just the touch of a finger. The Multiroom App 2.0 makes it possible to centrally control speakers, music sources and playlists while simultaneously browsing your music library.

In addition to these highly advanced features, another benefit of this incredible product, is its sleek and ground-breaking design. The beautifully designed speakers not only eliminate the placement restrictions common to conventional audio systems, but will complement and enhance your home creating an impressive centrepiece in any room.

“Samsung continues to create pioneering, cutting-edge technology that provides consumers with industry-leading solutions. The Wireless Audio 360⁰ speakers deliver an immersive listening experience that is quite unlike anything else in the market,” Thackrah concludes.

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